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Kym Hape

Rebuilding Lives

Coaching you through Emotional Barriers & Grief

Personal Life Coach

Home & Work Related Stress
Overwhelming Emotions
Find the cause of your Emotional Barrier
Decrease Stress, Anxiety & Depression 
Rebuild your life & start doing what you love

Grief Coach

Child Loss
Loss of a loved one
How to move forward after grief
How to start Rebuilding your Life
How to find purpose again
Would you like a safe space to begin exploring your emotions, discover the feeling of letting go & get your life back?

Let’s start today

Start where you are right now

Start to explore what you are feeling

Start your step by step rebuilding plan

Start living life with less emotional stress

I’m known locally & internationally as a trusted and confident coach, empowering clients to see possibilities & positivities. 

Step 1

Book your consult with Kym
Be open to possibilities

Step 2

Trust in the process
Allow yourself time & space

Step 3

Make choices
Take action

Step 4

Start moving through the areas
that hold you back & start living your best life

Life Coaching Benefits

Life Coaching empowers you through areas in your life that you may feel stuck in or confused about. It helps you discover answers to your own questions & focuses on natural resources to achieve your outcome. Be prepared to challenge yourself and do the work. I predominantly focus on three areas;
Child Loss – Work & Home Stress – Overwhelming Emotions
If you can relate to the following then book your session today & lets go to work !
You feel like something is missing

You have everything but still feel empty inside. You want self fulfilment & purpose. Life is getting a little boring or stagnant & you’re not sure what to do next to change the way you feel.

Your work or home life is toxic

You are surrounded by negative people who moan & gossip. They drain your energy & you feel micro managed rather than supported. They are quick to talk about others but never admit to their own faults.

You want to improve personal or professional relationships?

You feel disconnected to others. You feel like you don’t fit in or that people just don’t get you. You avoid social events & make up excuses to not attend. You sometimes feel anxious around others.

You’re on an emotional roller coaster

Your emotions go up & down. You feel like you have no control. Or you meet someone who triggers you, it becomes an obsession & you cannot function.

You’ve lost a pregnancy / child

You want someone to talk to. You want to move forward but not sure how & some days you just can’t cope. You want to be there for your spouse or children but you can’t even be there for yourself. You want ongoing emotional support to help you through.

Coach with Kym

Kia Ora / Hello my name is Kym, I am originally from New Zealand & I now reside in Perth, WA.
Coaching with me has amazing benefits.
Some include – someone to talk to about unexplained emotions, create choice & possibility avenues, empower & support you, I’m a Coach who GETS IT ! And I keep it real.

After years of emotional roller coasters, child loss & being part of toxic environments I completely lost who I was, where I was going & I had absolutely no reason to get out of bed in the mornings. I was broken & my life had fallen apart.

I couldn’t go on like this & knew something had to change. One day I decided no more, made “the call” & started Rebuilding myself, my relationships & my life. With the help of personal coaching & self development programs I was able to kiss 12 years of emotional hell goodbye & it feels amazing.

I went from No Life to All Life & with me as your Coach – you could too ! So let’s get started today.

  • Life Coach
  • mBIT © Coaching (multiple brain integration)
  • Time Line Therapist™️
  • NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

To book please call or visit

For interstate & International Bookings please send me a message or email

☎️ 0415 660 041

I coach face to face and online
Empowering you to rebuild your life